Valves and taps

Valves and taps

● Diaphragm or gate valves are direct-acting, and are the most common for isolating a circuit.
● Butterfly valves are economical for all or nothing.
● The guillotine valves cut liquid, pasty and granular fluids by means of a shovel that cuts the passage of the fluid with perfect or relative tightness.
● The ball valves have a shutter (ball, sphere) to cut the flow of fluid in part of the circuit.
● Needle valves are used for precise adjustment at high temperature and high pressure.
● Piston valves have a perfect sealing level and temperature resistance.
Solenoid valve

Solenoid valve

Small size valves and low energy consumption. They are excellent for mobile applications and reduced space:
Air - water - gas - steam - vacuum - ATEX - fuel
They have a very long life, they are silent with low vibration level and a very fast response time.
Actuators - Servomotors - Position and limit switches

Actuators - Servomotors - Position and limit switches

● The actuators are used to pivot a valve according to the opening / closing frequency, speed and effort, electric, pneumatic or hydraulic steering for a remote engine.
● Servomotors are engines allowing to obtain certain positions and to maintain them.
● Servomotors are actuators for obtaining positions The position and limit switches are used to indicate the valve open / close position.


The filters are intended to prevent the circulation of residues, unwanted substances and particles.
They are used on the intake side of a pipe, a pump, a flowmeter, a valve and other associated equipment.


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